Luangwa Valley Zambia

King Lewanika Lodge

December 2016



KING LEWANIKA LODGE (previously named Mambeti)

Time + Tide/Norman Carr Safaris and African Parks are proud to announce details of the investment in, and construction of, a luxury lodge in Liuwa Plain National Park, Zambia. King Lewanika Lodge (previously called Mambeti) is being funded by African Parks with the design and construction being implemented by the award-winning Norman Carr Safaris group which will also manage and market the new offering. Construction will start in February 2016 and the lodge is expected to open in April 2017.

Liuwa Plain is situated on the upper Zambezi flood plains of western Zambia and is bounded by the Luambimba and Luanginga Rivers. Vast (it is 365 000 hectares in size), remote and untamed, Liuwa is characterised by seasonally-flooded grassy plains dotted with woodland islands. It has one of the oldest conservation histories in Africa having originally being proclaimed a protected area by King Lewanika of the Lozis in the early 1880s.  The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) is the monarchy of the Lozi people who live in and around the park and is the official administrative entity of the region. Since 2003, the park has been managed by African Parks through a public-private partnership with the Zambian Government and the Barotse Royal Establishment.

Western Zambia is full of stories and the tale which formed the original name “Mambeti” is one of our favourites. The name pays homage to two remarkable residents of the park – Mambeti and Lady Liuwa. Mambeti who lived, died and is buried in Liuwa was a member of the Lozi tribe and a highly revered grandmother to several existing park staff. Lady Liuwa is the world-famous matriarch around whom the park’s lion pride has evolved. According to local folklore Mambeti, the grandmother, was reincarnated into Lady Liuwa, the lioness, and is the reason why the lioness spends so much time in the same woodlands area frequented by the elderly lady in her twilight years and near to where she was buried.

In addition to its famed lions, Liuwa is home to the second biggest wildebeest migration in Africa, recovering cheetah numbers, a burgeoning hyena population, wild dogs, abundant zebra, buffalo, red lechwe and tessebe herds and more than 300 bird species. It is not uncommon to see millions of pratincoles and spectacular kaleidoscopes of crowned cranes and endangered wattled cranes which start flocking at the onset of the rains.

Located on the upper Munde stream, a site chosen for its sweeping vistas and complete wildlife immersion, King Lewanika will comprise six luxury villas including a two bedroomed family villa, with the capacity to accommodate a total of 15 guests.  It has been designed by acclaimed lodge architects, Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, who are also responsible for the design of Norman Carr Safaris’ flagship camp, Chinzombo, in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park and sister property, Miavana, a new development in progress in Madagascar under the marketing umbrella of Time + Tide.

 “We are honoured to have been selected by African Parks to build and run this new safari lodge. Over the years African Parks has shown true dedication and commitment to the development of Liuwa Plain National Park and we aim to match their passion for the area and deliver an outstanding safari experience. The wildlife viewing in this part of Africa is quite extraordinary; it’s a completely stunning landscape and exceeds expectations of the most hardened safari goer. King Lewanika is a name filled with meaning and spirit; what more can I say - you need to go there!”  ~ Thierry Dalais, Chairman Norman Carr Safaris

About Norman Carr Safaris: Established in 1950, South Luangwa’s Norman Carr Safaris is a pioneer in its field. At a time when safari was a track-and-hunt tradition, Norman Carr broke the mould and created conservation based tourism and was the pioneer of photographic and walking safaris in Zambia. Today Norman Carr Safaris operates six award winning camps in Zambia; wildly luxurious Chinzombo; Luwi, Nsolo, Kakuli and Mchenja Bushcamps; and Matamanene in Liuwa Plain. Marketed under the Time + Tide portfolio, Norman Carr Safaris is also sister company to Chongwe Safaris in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi and Miavana in Madagascar.

For further information please contact: Mindy Roberts, Marketing and Sales Director, Time + Tide/Norman Carr Safaris. Tel: +260 216246025/15,