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About Norman Carr Safaris

The History Of Norman Carr Safaris

Norman Carr believed in:
  • "SAFARI WAKALE" - Safari the traditional way
  • Sharing and preserving the unique wilderness of the Luangwa Valley
  • Offering authentic safari experiences
  • Providing the highest standards of service
  • Commitment to the welfare and development of our community
  • Recognising and developing the potential in people
  • Promoting Zambia as a destination for international visitors
norman carr with lions
About Norman Carr Safaris

Norman Carr Safaris is widely recognised as one of the foremost tour operators in Zambia. We operate five camps for guests in the South Luangwa National Park including Luwi, Nsolo, Kakuli and Mchenja bush camps and our newest camp; 'wildly luxurious' Chinzombo. We also operate safaris in the west of Zambia; remote and unique Liuwa Plain National Park. In other areas of our website you will find extensive information concerning all aspects of travel in Zambia. If there are any questions that this site is unable to answer, then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to offer further advice.

We also work very closely with the top safari operators in other parts of Zambia and we now have a family relationship with Chongwe Safaris in the Lower Zambezi National Park. The Victoria Falls is also a popular destination and we often package visits to these areas alongside visits to our camps - our favourite in Livingstone is Tongabezi Lodge.

Have a look at Safaris for some ideas on trips including these great camps.

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History of the company

Norman Carr established Luangwa's first safari camp in 1950. Back in the days when an African safari was a hunting experience, Norman developed the pioneering idea of taking people to look at animals and photograph them rather than to shoot them.

This first safari camp was set up in partnership with the then Paramount Chief Nsefu and his people. This idea of involving the local people in the management of the wildlife was way ahead of its time. It was almost 50 years later that conservationists started developing the principles of "Community Based Natural Resource Management", in other words encouraging the traditional owners of the natural resource to take responsibility for its usage. Norman Carr's pioneering approach proved to be the forerunner to a cornerstone of modern day conservation policy.

The first 35 years of the company saw Norman set up and establish a number of safari camps across the Luangwa Valley, some of which are still in existence – Nsefu, Lion Camp, Chibembe and Chinzombo to name a few. In 1985 whilst running his safaris out of the old Mfuwe Lodge, Norman started construction on what would be his final safari camp, Kapani Lodge (which is still our Staff Homestead and Operational Headquarters). He selected an elevated site overlooking the Kapani Lagoon. He knew the unpredictability of the Luangwa River well, and that this site would never flood and would never fall into the river.

Everyone associated with Norman Carr Safaris (NCS) is immensely proud of the heritage of the company. The principles of conservation and community responsibility established by Norman over half a century ago still run strongly through the company. We have been leading the way in responsible tourism in Zambia for over 60 years and we intend for that to continue.

As of 2012, as part of the Time + Tide portfolio, Norman Carr Safaris has been proudly affiliated with sister camps at Chongwe Safaris and soon to be opened Miavana in Madagascar (coming October 2016…stay tuned) and we are pleased to share the next chapter of the Norman Carr Safaris adventure with you.

Throughout its history, NCS has always innovated; the first community based tourism, the first camps, the first walking safaris, the first community projects, the first luxury bush camps, the first all Zambian expert guiding team, the first Zambian female guide, the first majority Zambian Operations Board - the list of firsts is long! We’re proud to continue this tradition and will continue to lead the way in innovation, the use of new ‘green’ technology, staff training and development and community involvement. For Norman Carr Safaris, it has always been and continues to be all about CONSERVATION THROUGH TOURISM