Luangwa Valley Zambia

Kakumbi Rural Health Centre Project

Charitable Initiative

The Kakumbi Clinic Project is a charitable initiative that is managed and overseen by the Luangwa Safaris Association (LSA), the organising body for all safari operations in the Luangwa Valley.

Until the year 2000, residents of Mfuwe invariably had to travel over 50kms to the hospital in Jumbe in order to receive medical attention. Although there was always a rural health clinic in Mfuwe, it had few (if any) trained medical staff. At the best of times, a generic pain killer was all they could offer!

As a local safari operator, NCS subscribes to the Kakumbi Clinic Project which pays for an international doctor to supervise the clinic on a 3 – 6 month volunteer basis. Most of the doctor’s time is spent treating the residents of Mfuwe, who now have a qualified and dedicated medical professional within reach. Additionally, the doctor will pay visits to camps when summoned and, for a small fee, attend to the medical needs of guests or staff. The visiting doctors provide a much needed service for both the residents and visitors of Mfuwe.

Of course the doctor needs good equipment and drugs to prescribe, and so the other aim of the project is to ensure that good stocks of medicines are maintained at the clinic. Medical supplies are normally donated or purchased with funds raised from visitors and well wishers.

In 2003, NCS guests fundraised for staff housing at the clinic, as the on-site nurses were assigned dilapidated houses. The Luangwa Safari Association has also supported the maintenance of the clinic, but unfortunately struggles to keep up with the regular renovation demands. In the coming years, we endeavour to raise enough funds to undertake some of the major construction work required to keep the clinic in good working order.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help the Kakumbi Clinic Project, please contact us and be sure to schedule a visit to the clinic on your next trip to South Luangwa.