Luangwa Valley Zambia

SEKA - Educational Theatre

Raising Community Awareness and Accountability

Norman Carr's granddaughter Miranda Guhrs and her team of actors established a theatre group close to Kapani Lodge in the late 1990s called SEKA (which means ‘laughter’ in Chinyanja). The primary objective of SEKA is to create entertaining theatrical performances with educational messages. They do this through a vibrant blend of traditional song and dance, puppetry, physical theatre and storytelling.

The performers hail from villages close by to Kapani Lodge, and thus living with wild animals is a daily reality for the actors and their families. However, with sincere passion for conserving natural resources, the SEKA actors believe in educating their peers to protect the surrounding wildlife and habitats.

From their humble beginnings in the Luangwa Valley, the group has toured several African countries, and they have travelled through Europe, Asia, and the United States. The actors comprise a diverse group of people from single mothers to reformed poachers to royalty in line to the chieftainship throne.

SEKA Education Theatre

While SEKA has achieved international acclaim, the majority of performances continue to be in the local communities, with pointed messages about wildlife conservation and relevant health concerns, including skits that educate on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

If you would like to support SEKA and enjoy one of their memorable shows, you can purchase a private camp-based performance. Please ask your camp manager or the reservations team for more details.

To find out more about this innovative form of community theatre, please visit the SEKA website

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