Luangwa Valley Zambia

Tailored African Safaris

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Tailored Itinerary Ideas

Our African Safaris offer unique experiences, often the ‘trip of a lifetime’ and we want to ensure that we create a safari holiday package that is perfect for you. Here are a few authentic safari tours to help inspire you; every one of our safaris are tailored so please contact us to discuss your perfect safari in detail.

Experience Zambia’s secluded wilderness, rich culture and outstanding wildlife with a walking safari on foot.

Experience Zambia like never before with a tailored night drive safari.

Plan your unique, adventurous and romantic once-in-a-lifetime safari honeymoon.

Our tailored African family safari packages allow for the perfect family holiday with your kids.

Norman Carr Safaris offers the best bird watching safaris and bird watching tour packages in South Luangwa.

The ultimate green season safari experience. See some iconic wildlife during Zambia's Green Season.

Perfect photographic safari for the keen and advance photographers. Explore Zambia's wilderness with a guided photo safari.

Explore the wide variety of Zambia's culture. A life-enriching safari journey through Zambia.