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There are two elements essential to the enjoyment of any African birding safari – plenty of birds, and excellent guiding. In the Luangwa we are lucky enough to have birds aplenty and the guides at Norman Carr Safaris are among the best in Africa.

With over 400 species of bird occurring in The Luangwa Valley, this is a stunning destination for any ornithologist. The quality of the guides throughout Zambia but especially at Norman Carr Safaris will ensure that you get the most out of your safari experience, whether you’re a first timer or an old Africa hand.

The European winter (our Green Season; November to April) months are the most exciting for birding safaris in Zambia, all of the migrants are present and many local birds are in full breeding plumage and song.Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in South Luangwa National Park; some of the highlights include Western Banded Snake Eagle, Lilian's Lovebird, Collared Palm Thrush and the stunning Fire-crowned Bishop in its summer finery.

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The Luangwa is extraordinary for its incredible diversity of habitat each of which offers its own collection of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. The mixed riverine woodland includes lagoons and backwaters where a wonderful variety of waterbirds can be found. We can visit extensive forests of tall Mopane woodland which are home to exclusive species such as Arnott's Chat and Racket-Tailed Roller or venture into the Miombo woodlands looking for the smaller canopy dwellers found there.

We offer a special Green Season Birding Safari package; alternatively, contact us to hear about our suggestions for your birding safari in Zambia, irrespective of the time of year you choose and how long you have to spend.

Abraham Banda, Willie Shuma and Shaddy Nkoma are some of Zambia's best regarded naturalist guides and birding safaris are one of their passions and specialties.

Click here for a Luangwa birds check list.

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