Luangwa Valley Zambia

Photographic Safaris

Let our guides use their knowledge of the bush and of photography to manoeuvre you into the best positions. They understand that considerations of light and composition are essential for any photographer.

We have been running photographic safaris in Zambia for over 60 years. The equipment used has changed somewhat over the years but our emphasis on attention to detail and getting our guests up close to the animals of the Luangwa Valley has not altered at all.

All our guides have been trained to be sensitive to the needs of our guests and most of them are keen photographers themselves. They understand that for a photographic safari in Zambia to be a success you need more than just good game viewing. Attention must be paid to composition, angle and clarity of light and proximity to subject, they understand the commitment and stamina it takes to get that perfect, unique shot. In fact some of our images on this website have been taken by guests.

photographic safari

All of our guests are keen to return home with photographic memories of their African safari, but some are more concerned about the process than others. If photography is of particular interest to you we suggest that you let us know before your arrival so that we can try to match you up with one of our specialist photography guides. You may prefer, by prior arrangement, for us to provide a private vehicle and guide so that you can call all the shots on your photographic safari without worrying that other guests don't share the same interests.

We will always do what we can at the time but with a little warning we should be able to ensure that your photographic safari in Zambia is as productive and successful as possible.

norman carr photography safaris in zambia